Accountant (Trade)

John T. Rose

617 Hillcrest Lane

Bellflower, CA 90706

(949) 945-8709


Associate Member, CPA California • Associate Member, Institute of Certified Public Accountants United States

Associate Member, Institute of Management Accountants California

Member of the California Society of Undergraduate Accountants

Over 10-years experience with prominent CPA firms since graduation. Recognized by management and clients for the ability to spot and solve problems. Demonstrated ability to retain current clients and generate new business. Willing to use expertise and education to help peers and clients. Strong attention to detail with the ability to juggle multiple tasks and deadlines. Committed to excellence in customer service and and intense desire to help employers thrive and grow.

Professional strengths include:

Ÿ       Accounts Receivable

Ÿ       Financial Reporting

Ÿ       Accounts Payable

Ÿ       Trusts

Ÿ       Best Accounting Practices

Ÿ       Customer Service

Ÿ       Tax Benefits

Ÿ       Monthly Ledger Maintenance

Ÿ      Management Accounting

Ÿ       Investing Advice

Ÿ       E-Business

Ÿ       Business Streamilining Procedures

Ÿ       IRS Compliance

Ÿ       Payroll

Ÿ       Financial Advisor

Ÿ       Financial Counselor

Ÿ       Stock Market Analyst

Ÿ       Accounting-based Software Expert

Technology summary: Quicken, QuickBooks, Accel, Excel, MS Office, and internet applications.


PDS PARTNERS, CPA Accountants, Bellflower, CA


Assistant Accountant

Provided sound business strategy to several businesses needing greater internal financial controls. Also prepared a wide range of financial statements such as reconciliations, tax returns, budgets, and monthly and daily ledgers.

Improved company’s customer service by implementing a customer service training program. Offered clients training courses on software and accounting procedures. Produced accurate and understandable financial documentation for several large businesses.

Praised by clients, company management, and staff for the ability to complete assigned tasks with accuracy and efficiency ahead of schedule.


·    Motivated team by sharing all research, expertise and knowledge with teammates needing help with calculations and spreadsheet automation.

·    Helped clients transition from manual processing to automated computerized processing. Lowered IRS penalties because of increased accuracy and efficiency. Trained clients in the proper use and installation of software accounting programs. Improved accuracy of client’s accounts by over 12%..

·    Trained clients in avoiding IRS penalties through greater accuracy and correct deductions.Received praise of several clients when penalties decreased by 95%.



Assistant Accountant

Produced annual budget, reconciled statements, prepared monthly profit and loss statement and balance sheet. Oversaw cash flow for 35 nationwide accounts.

Given increasingly significant responsibility. Took initiative and surpassed expectations for what was expected of a temporary hire.

Conducted month-end transactions, reconciled bank statements, credit card statements, and daily sales. Controlled the asset statements, calculated and recorded monthly statements, and produced recurring and non-recurring monthly account entries.


·    Recognized as the “go-to guy” for any troubleshooting and problem solving issues. Regularly sought out by staff to identify errors and rectify problems with accounts receivable.

·    Designed and initiated a new spreadsheet program that decreased the time needed for reconciliations by over 90%.

·    Utilized advanced accounting software features to aid the financial controller in improving efficiency and effectiveness.

·    Praised for accurate and on-time completion of monthly financial statements.




Managed financial bookwork including all bank reconciliations, cash flow statements, and projected budgets. Produced quarterly BAS statements that complied with taxation legislation.

Provided financial counsel to business owner, citing the financial and market advantages of expanding product distribution into general retail outlets. Owner embraced idea and entered into negotiations with Coles Myer and a product manufacturer in Germany. Assigned by owner to cost project, and evaluate prices and discounts to forecast potential profit outcomes.

KEITH W. RICHARDS, LLC., Certified Accountants, Austin, TX


Junior Accountant

Worked closely with clients to resolve and prepare quarterly tax returns and IRS compliance.

Consistently trusted with increasingly important responsibilities for major clients in the manufacturing and service industries. Prepared annual audits for over 50 important clients.  Analyzed changes in accounting legislation and practices on behalf of management and clients.

Recognized at annual company meeting for working through holidays and other busy periods.


·    Saved client from expensive and time-consuming IRS audit, by resolving previously unidentified error in quarterly return when preparing year-end financial summary.

·    Located faulty information on client’s previous year’s tax return that would have cost client over $100,000. Prepared amended tax return for the previous year, solving any future problems with the IRS.

·    Recognized by client for research that identified over $50,000 in previously unidentified tax rebates.

·    Cited by supervisor as Auditor of the Quarter for professionalism and accuracy of tax returns filed.

·    Spotted problem with software installation that caused lost time and date. Resolved problem and recognized by management for efforts.

Christensen, King and Associates, Houston, TX


Accounts Trainee

Prepared daily, weekly and monthly reconciliations, cash flow statements, quarterly tax returns, and payroll; conducted end-of-year analysis, and handled daily banking tasks. Worked at customer service desk and as cashier when needed.


CPA Program


Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

Rice University (1993)

Business (Associates)

Columbia Basin Community College (1989)


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