Accounting Executive

Chad R. Scott

506 Illinois Avenue

Beaverton, OR 97006

(503) 748-0750


CPA combines competencies across all accounting functions including information systems, staff management, and accounting. Expert at managing and creating financial reports and controls using staff and technology efficiently. Proven ability to analyze, develop and implement strict cost-control measures. Avid team player able to cooperate with management and staff at all levels of the corporation. Skilled troubleshooter and problem solver. Fluent in Arabic and English. Expertise includes:

s            Internal Auditing

s            Accounting Information Technology

s            Financial Forecasting and Budgeting

s            Year-End Reporting

s            Finance and Acocunt Reporting

s            Corporate Tax Compliance

s            Corporate Accounts

s            Estimates

s            Quality Control

s            General Administration

s            Payroll and Benefits

s            Procurement

Computer skills include proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Word, PowerPoint,  Accel.

Key Accomplishments

·    Developed and implemented cost control measures which resulted in a 20% reduction of expenses. Used technology and staff to increase efficiency.

·    Increased cash flow by 15% in first year of employment. Reduced late payments and increased corporate savings by improving credit checks of potential clients.

·    Increased departmental and executive accuracy and speed by upgrading technology and improving staff training.

·    Coordinated and redesigned the financial departments including personnel and technology improvements

·    Recognized as key employee involved in researching and negotiating benefits packages including, insurance and other benefits.

Professional Experience

DTG INC. – Gresham, OR
Financial Controller


Responsible for six person department of finance. Tasks included overseeing accounts payable and receivable, company compliance program, balance statement, billing, payroll, and quarterly taxes. Coordinated capital asset acquisitions exceeding $35K. Assesed and wrote annual operating budgets and procedures. Prepared monthly reports for senior management. Worked closely with outside financial institutions regarding loans and payments; prepared documentation and assisted finance personnel in regular audits. Supervised local, state, and federal tax filings. Prepared consolidated package for several accounts.

·    Led effort to lessen expenses for health insurance benefits, equipment leases and other administrative work.

·    Improved turnaround time by 15% by program to streamline administrative staff responsibilities, performing  intensive credit checks, implementing credit limits and monitoring progress.

·   Upgraded procedures for monitoring corporate accounts.

·    Lowered costs by improving production and revenue. Saved company $35K in annual tax savings.

·    Designed company-wide cost-reduction measures to include compliance with overtime rules, and expense management, accurate billing, and capital spending.

Senior Internal Auditor


Ensured compliance with all local, state, and federal. Performed internal audits to find excessive spending, potential problems, and possible solutions.

Account Manager


Developed budget for operations and finance departments; supervised costs on important projects, ensured reconciliation of expenses with budgetary goals; managed procurement and accounts payable personnel; coordinated transactions with banks and other lending institutions; managed international and branch offices transactions.

·    Eliminated unnecessary jobs by designing a cost history database which was used to ensure consistency in cost estimates and use of staff.

·    Secured $50K in working capital at below market interest rates by preparing specific revenue projections and informing lending bank of all significant changes.

·    Promoted to Senior Internal Auditor after first year.



Managed a department of twelve employees and several independent subcontractors. Prepared monthly payroll for over 500 employees; recorded daily cash flow; prepared quarterly taxes.

Licenses and Certifications

·    Associate Member, Institute of Chartered Accountants (WA)

·    Passed Certified Public Accountant examination (1990)

·    New York Certified State Insurance Agent


Seattle Pacific University – Seattle, WA

Bachelor of Economics


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