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Hooper Bay,
AK 99604-0000
Cell: 907-785-4142
Email: [email protected]

Career goal:Seeking a position of a ballet dancer in an organization that will help me to develop my dancing skills as well as provide me the chances of being a best candidate in your organization

Synopsis of skills

  • Excellent health, best physique, good cardiovascular training, and self discipline
  • Ability to express the emotions, stories, and different situations through the dance
  • Ability to handle the stress in the work
  • Capability to motivate and teamwork spirit
  • Ability to follow the diet pattern and dedication towards work
  • Capability of doing practice more and more as well as control over diet and exercise
  • Ability to think creatively and learn things in less time as well as good knowledge of clothing
  • Highly skilled in doing the different steps in the dance
  • Ability to learning the new techniques and ability to cope up with the choreographer

Educational qualification
Completed Ballet Dance course from SWE Dance School, Hooper Bay in the year 20XX

Completed Classical Dance certification course from DEF institute, Hooper Bay in the year 20XX

Accomplished the training program of Classical Dance from DHJ institute, Hooper Bay, in the year 20XX

Experience :

Working as a Ballet Dancer instructor in ABS School,
Hooper Bay from July 20XX till date

  • Teaching the different techniques of dancing as well as suggesting the students on how they should follow those steps
  • Providing them guidelines on how they can become best ballet dancers
  • Arranging the training programs for the students and providing them the best practice lessons
  • Teaching students some other activities like singing as well as acting
  • Providing the essential tips for using emotions in their performance
  • Looking after the health and safety of the students as well as using the equipments and premises effectively

Worked as a Classical Ballet Dancer in WAS Theater,
Hooper Bay from September 20XX to June 20XX

  • Executing various techniques of dancing as well as guiding the junior dancers on different steps
  • Performing live in front of the audiences and giving them the best performance
  • Practicing the techniques before going to performance
  • Discussing and interpreting the steps of ballet to the students
  • Organizing the training programs and providing the information about the dance techniques
  • Preparing for the auditions and attending them

Areas of Interest
Teaching the techniques of ballet dancing and practicing the various dance arts

Dancing, traveling, and acting


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