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Racheal Anderson,
65, West 70 Street,
Bellevue, Washington, 03284,
(328)-491 0671


Talented and very dedicated writer seeking for a correct and challenging position in a newspaper where my talent and knowledge can work efficiently and nurture.

Academic Background:

  • From the University of Washington, Washington honored with the Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Communication.
  • Done Graduation in the years 2002 from Holy Faith College, Washington.
  • Achieved Best Writer Award from Writer Welfare Community in 2007.
  • Achieved Best Performer of the year in the Fitness and Health Club in the year 2006.

Professional Experience:

Writer 2005-present
Fast Track News, Bellevue, Washington

Responsibilities as a writer include writing the articles regarding Lifestyle such as home, garden, health and fitness. Write 600-800 word’s article in daily newspaper. Resolve the problems of the readers in the indoor out magazine’s blog. Also writes about the latest trends of lifestyles.

Freelance Writer 2003-2005
The State Times, Covington, Washington

Write the articles related to the fitness and health care for the weekly edition of the local newspaper. Also write articles for the website blog of the newspaper.


  • Experience of more than 5 years in writing articles for the newspapers.
  • In-depth knowledge of the fitness and health care.
  • Sound knowledge of the lifestyle and trends of living live garden, home etc with the knowledge of entertainment also.
  • Excellent good communication skills both written and verbal.
  • Very efficient and hardworking writer with the great skills of writing the correct language.
  • Proficient in writing, demonstrating and managing the things.
  • Bilingual and very fluent in speaking and writing the Latin language.
  • Great skills to write a very effective, clear, simple and impressive language.


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