Sample Universal Banker Resume

Universal banker position is responsible for performing all traditional responsibilities of Personal Banking. They give importance to effective profiling of clients to find out the best needs of clients. Universal banker is responsible for explaining, promoting and cross selling financial services and products.

They are also responsible for opening certificates and accounts of deposits. Universal banker handles all foreign currencies, balances cash, sells checks and bonds of travelers, process loan applications of consumer and many other duties.

John Anderson,
12738, South 46 Street,
Carlisle, TR 19341,
(244)-780 4930.

Objective: Looking for a position of a universal banking in a leading company where I can prove myself with my better service.

Working Experience:

Universal Bank, New York
Responsible for working as Bank Teller


  • Responsible for duties such as handling payments, withdrawals and deposits of customers for checking credit card accounts and savings.
  • Made changes as required.
  • Responsible for answering questions of clients and customers.

Some Company, New Jersey, NY
Responsible for working as Office Manager


  • Responsible for accounting and bookkeeping functions using QuickBooks with clients.
  • Managed legal research programs and review declarations and dispositions.
  • Responsible for providing litigation support by helping with case presentation of pleadings, motions, affidavits and memoranda of law.
  • Did various other duties as assigned and as needed.

Education History:
B.S in Accounting, New York University, NY


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