Radio Broadcasting Music Director Resume

The broadcasting media always tries to convey information, news or commercials in a manner that produces a mesmerizing effect on the listeners mind. To accomplish this purpose, they make extensive use of music throughout their programs and the person who creates these mind-catching pieces of music is known as broadcasting music director.

Given below is a broadcasting music director resume sample.

Sample Radio Broadcasting Music Director Resume Benjamin West
1501, X Street, Hayward Park,
San Mateo, CA-94401
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]

Objective :To advance my career as a broadcasting music director by working with a well-known and popular broadcast station.

Summary of Qualifications :

  • Profound knowledge in creating and arranging music with extensive work experience at different broadcast stations
  • Exposure to music from different cultures with formal training of Indian classical music
  • Successful implementation of the latest fusion music in various compositions
  • Great agility with the Guitar, Violin and Piano
  • Ability to work in a fast paced work environment with consistent results
  • Extra ordinary ability of creating quick jingles.
  • Thorough knowledge of the notations used in documentation of music
  • Good computer proficiency with knowledge of different music creating software
  • Excellent English communication and elementary knowledge of French and Spanish

Professional Experience :

Jazz FM, San Juan, CA (2006-Present)
Music Director

  • Meetings with program coordinators to understand the themes of the programs and suggesting sample music pieces
  • Meetings with the commercial product company authorities to know about their product features, the nature of the commercial and their expectations of the jingles
  • Creating music as per the specifications and finalizing it during meetings with the respective authorities
  • Recording the music at the studio
  • Mixing and editing the recorded music to enhance the effects

Big Radio, Los Angeles, CA (2004-2006)
Music Composer & Arranger

  • Composed jingles for short commercials as per the instructions from the music director
  • Contacted the music companies and consulted them about broadcasting of tracks for which they own the rights
  • Maintained a daily documentation of the composed music
  • Mixed different music tracks and sounds to create desired background music and announcements

Academic education :

  • Graduated from the Symphony Music School, San Francisco, CA (2002)
  • Completed a one year diploma in Indian classical music from California state university (2004)

Extra Curricular :

  • Visited well known music schools across the states and contacted many music masters to understand different music genres
  • Performed at few stage events at the local level

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