Radio Program Director Resume

A radio program director is responsible for editing the format and the contents of a radio program. The person has to have complete knowledge of the FCC policies regarding broadcasting of a radio program. Also, the person is expected to have the best managerial skills and a good command over the language.

Given below is a broadcasting news director resume sample.

Sample Radio Program Director Resume Susan Bradley
1102, W Grant Street, S 15th Avenue,
Phoenix, AZ-85001
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]

Objective : To seek the position of a radio program director at a well known radio station

Professional Qualities :

  • Perfect understanding of the radio media from a program director’s point of view
  • Profound work experience as a program director at different radio stations
  • Great command over written and spoken English
  • Good sense of music from various ethnicities
  • Clarity of pronunciation in spoken English
  • Deep study of different cultures and their customs across the world
  • Thorough understanding of resource and time management concepts through formal training

Work Experience :

KTA FM, Tucson, AZ, (2007-Present)
Program Director

  • Receiving the format details and the copy of the program from the production director
  • Discussing about the program outline and its emphasizes with the production director and the copy editor
  • Editing and updating the received copy as per theme of the program and the regulations by FCC
  • Suggesting the technical teams about adding the special effects for enhancement of the program
  • Discussing the finalized script and format with the senior officials
  • Guiding the assistants by providing related information and techniques to maintain efficiency in the processes
  • Maintaining the daily work records and preparing the periodic reports

Big FM, San Francisco, CA (2005-2007)
Assistant Program Director

  • Studied the program details received from the program director
  • Searched the web for the validity of contents and the originality of the text
  • Sorted and organized the results received from the web
  • Discussed with the Program director about the positive and negative sides of the program
  • Suggested the program director about the possible commercials that can be incorporated during the program
  • Maintained the budget and accounting records through out the creation of the program
  • Monitored the ordering and the usage of the external resources for the program

Academic education :

  • Graduated in Broadcasting Journalism from DG School of Art and Media, Sun City, AZ (2003)
  • Completed post graduate diploma in Broadcast Programming with specialization in radio media, from California State University (2005)

Extra Curricular :

  • Participated in the Badminton competition at the state level

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