Customer Service Manager (Retail Sales)

Fred D. Burnett
1333 Neuport Lane
Lawrenceville, GA 30245
(919) 345-0087


Customer service specialist with expertise in the retail industry. Able to work independently or as part of a team. Devoted to kind and competent customer service to help company meet its objectives. Skilled in work in high-stress environments with multiple priorities.

• Improved sales by 45% during first year by implementing customer service training.
• Coordinated sales and documentation.
• Improved delivery time and shipment accuracy.
Career History and Experience

Maxton Industry

1998 – Present
Customer Service Account Rep/Team Leader
• Responsible for overseeing five major accounts worth $2,000,000+.
• Handled collections.
• Monitor inventory to ensure on-time delivery.

MST Tools

1995 – 1998
Customer Service Account Rep – Team Leader / Customer Service Account Manager
Oversaw 45 large chain accounts..
• Processed all sales contracts and orders.
• Updated customer account information.
• Resolved invoicing errors and shipping problems.

Terco Health

1991 – 1994
Customer Service Representative
Handled customer service inquiries and complaints.
• Trained and assessed employee performance.
• Resolved complaints.
Seminars / Workshops

• Team Building
• Customer Service Excellence

University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Bachelor of Science, Horticulture


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