Dental Surgeon Resume

A medical surgeon jobs are full of physical and mental challenges and a dental surgeon is the most critical of all them, considering the delicacy and sensitivity of that body part. The other side of the professional challenges is the excellent career they offer to dental surgeons.

The major Dental work responsibilities for a surgeon are,

  • Reviewing and discussing a particular case for the necessity and modus operandi of required surgery
  • Scheduling the time and venue of surgery as per the case demands
  • Gathering linked information and other resources
  • Performing the planned surgeries and monitoring the patient for post surgery progression

In addition to these basic treatment duties, dental surgeons carry out a number of other related tasks.

Now go through the sample resume provided below.

Sample Dental Surgeon Resume Hazel Homes
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90013
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]

Career Objective: To seek the position of dental surgeon at a Surgery clinic / Hospital and apply my best dental surgery knowledge and practices to gain tremendous encroachment in my professional career

Summary of Qualifications :

  • Extra ordinary theoretical and practical knowledge in dental surgery with whopping 7+ years of experience in the field
  • Immense exposure to hundreds of varied cases including challenging jobs such as implants, bridging, etc.
  • Rapid grasping of the exact abnormality through case reports and expertise in devising precise and efficient surgeries for it
  • Great work coordination with co-surgeons in team performances
  • Expertise in handling manual and automated tools and instructing the subordinate teams
  • Excellent eye-hand coordination with great stability of hand at actual practices
  • Perfect near-vision and ability to stare at objects at distance lesser than 30 cm.
  • Brilliant speed with admirable accuracy in all surgical activities

Professional Experience :

ABC Dental Hospital, Los Angeles, CA (2004-Present)

  • Reviewing the assigned cases and discussing it in groups of expertise
  • Estimating the sufficiency of operational machineries, medication and supporting tool stocks and availability of expertise people
  • Inspecting the operation theatre before the surgery
  • Organizing the resources in a manner to produce the finest results
  • Maintaining extreme hygiene and supporting environment at the job
  • Cultivating excellent work coordination with co-surgeons
  • Guiding the subordinates and students

MNC Dental Clinic, Los Angeles, CA (2002-2004)
Surgeon Internship

  • Studying the case reports of patients under invigilance
  • Discussing the cases with instructing surgeon and understanding the key facts of the cases and methods to apply the surgery principles
  • Assisting the surgeon in collecting the necessary information on the web and gathering the necessary tools and medicals/chemicals
  • Observing the actual procedures performed by the surgeon and practicing simple procedures under guidance

Academic education:

  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, from California state university (2000)
  • Master’s in Medicine, from California state university (2002)

Extra Curricular :

  • Member of the C.S.D.A.(California State Dental Association)

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