Entry Level Graphic Designer Resume

Graphic designers are responsible for duties such as planning, analyzing and creating visual solutions. Graphic designers work in Medias such as advertising, print, electronic and film media using various methods such as color, photography, illustration, Animation and layout techniques. Entry level graphic designer or assistant designer does the same work but as a trainee and under the instructions of senior graphic designer.

Graphic designers produce promotional displays, marketing broachers and packaging for products. Before going to developing new design, the graphic designers go through the needs of clients. The person who is interested in the filed of graphic designer must be having excellent creativity, because the field of graphic designing needs very much creativity.

Richard Anderson,
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Objective: Searching for an entry level position of graphic designer for a reputed organization.

Computer Skills: Proficient with

  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power point, Window 2001
  • Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Flash, Coral Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Internet

Work Summery:

Some company, New York


  • Responsible for creating logos and layouts of advertising.
  • Also produced business cards for clients.
  • Designed newsletters for students groups.
  • Done other duties related to designing.

Recruitment Solutions, Resumeland, New York
Worked as Assistant Clerk


  • Done all the clerical and official duties such as filing, answering telephone calls, billing, documentation etc.
  • Also responsible for client management and database maintenance.
  • Responsible for helping consultants regarding to other aspects related to assistant clerk.
  • Done various other duties as assigned.

Other Interests: Soccer, Tennis, photography, sketching.

B.S. in Arts, University of New York, New York
Diploma in Web Designing, New York


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