Director, Office of Human Resources (Federal Employment)

Bridgette W. Stevenson
420 HollowRoad

Redmond, WA 98052

(425) 867-7417

Social Security: 000-00-0000

Federal Status: N/A

Citizenship: United States

Veteran Status: N/A

Highest Federal Civilian Grade Held: N/A
Department of Energy
Director, Office of Human Resources Management
Announcement #: 0000

A hard-working and experienced Senior Human Resources Executive with a reputation for building world-class programs. Proven change manager with the ability lead company transitions. Skills include: problem solving, creative thinking, relationship building, and negotiating. Core knowledge base and competencies include:

·         Organizational Culture

·         Team Building

·         Benefits Design

·         HR Issues

·         Personel Assessments

·         Employee Retention

·         Business Planning

·         Recruiting

·         Negotiations

·         Staff Training

·         Regulatory Compliance

·         Change Management

Detailed Knowledge of Employment Laws

LiNton Industries


312 Athon Road

40 hours / week

Redmond, WA

Starting Salary: $84,000

Supervisor: Albert Ford, Phone: 425-578-6892

Present Salary: $97,440

Supervisor may be contacted.

Director, Business Ethics and Compliance

Hired to oversee the Ethics/Compliance Program. Oversaw program operations for more than 10,000 staff across the globe. Responsible for training managers and providing on-site assessments.

Led the change management strategies which included: management evaluations and structural reorganization.

   Key Accomplishments

§         Decreased employee complaints to OSHA and EEOC by 80% in first year.

§         Founded an outisde helpline to expedite complaint resolution.

§         Improved relations between labor and management.
Science Application INC.


24 Ridge Road,

40 hours / week

Seattle, WA

Starting Salary: $56,000

Supervisor: Dan Smith, Phone: 425-979-8351

Ending Salary: $84,000

Supervisor may be contacted.

Manager, Human Resources (1996 – 2000)

Manager, Compensation, Benefits, and Training (1993 – 1996)

Recruited to improve personnel training programs; directed all HR functions; planned strategic objectives. Developed the curriculum and provided year-round training for managers and supervisor.

Key Accomplishments

§         Executed new compensation plan.

§         Reversed poor performance and increased cost savings by 24%.

§         Reorganized personnel to match skills to jobs.
ALLCOTT Technologies


22Hollins Road

40 hours / week

Redmond, WA

Starting Salary: $13,000

Supervisor: David Allcott, Phone: 425-846-5621

Ending Salary: $56,000

Supervisor may be contacted.

Manager, Production and Project Planning (1988 – 1993)

Manager, Wage & Salary (1976 – 1988)

Improved profits and measured performance through use of groundbreaking IT developments. Aligned training and recruiting with strategic business planning.

  Key Accomplishments

§         Promoted because of positive performance assessments.

§         Led cost savings by 35% in first year.

§         Improved operations processes.

Ph.D., Business Administration – SeattleUniversity, Seaatle, WA, 1999

MED, Human Resource Development – King College, Seattle, WA, 1986

BA, Journalism – King College, Seattle, WA, 1976

Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

Certified Compensation Professional (CCP)

Member, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Member, Ethics Officers Association (EOA)

Active “Q” Security Clearance through Department of Energy

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