Field Office Director ECQ (Federal Employment)

US Department of Energy

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Position: Director, ES-259-07

Announcement Number: 01-ES-893

Heath K. King

2611 Red Dog Road

Matthews, NC 28105

(704) 301-3519

executive core Qualifications

Leading Change

Federal service career has demonstrated leadership in change management for the Department of Energy and Department of Defense. Key achievements include:

·       Fully-trained, dedicated work force.

·       Standardization between field offices and headquarters.

·       A customer-focus of programs delivered.

Leading People

Responsibilities include personnel management, employee relations, staffing and compliance with EEO.

·       Morale improved demostrated by low employee turnover.

·       Improved numbers of minorities hired for leadership positions.

·       Productivity of personnel improved by 24%.

Results Driven

Proven ability to use careful analysis to solve problems before they escalate.

Use of technology to improve business practices through energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Business Acumen

Ability to accomplish work and get results with limited resources.

Successfully manage annual project budget of $25 million.

Expert knowledge of accounting and finance.

Building Coalitions/Communication

Represent the office at industry seminars and with government officials.

Sought after to give informational seminars regarding ethanol and landfill gas.

Recuit business leaders to present sessions at informational seminars.


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