Field Office Director KSA (Federal Employment)

US Department of Energy

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Position: Director, ES-0940-08

Announcement Number: 09-ES-009

Angela P. Hardrick

SS#: 534-92-9330

2255 Ryder Avenue

Silver Lake, WA 98208

(425) 316-1722


1.      Experience in the federal budget process, procedures, and requirement and the provisions of the Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act.

Currently responsible for annual program direction budget of $4 million and annual program budget of $45 million. Proven ability to direct financial resources accurately and for the most effective use.

2.      Knowledge of government contracting laws, as well as the administration of contracts, acquisition planning and price/cost analysis.

In current position regularly oversee grants, contracts, and small purchase orders. Knowledge of government contracting laws is demonstrated by: Have issued more than 200 grants worth more than $25 million and small purchase transactions worth more than $500K.

3.      Knowledge of long term, high-risk energy efficiency and renewable energy technology research and regulation programs which enhance market transformation.

Currently responsible for adopting cost-effective, renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and practices. Personally responsible for directing and managing programs.


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