Non-Profit Executive Director

Trisha Leatherby
383 Bibsee Street
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 555-1234


Experienced executive with comprehensive knowledge in the non-profit and foundation industry. Proven ability to restructure failing programs to improve productivity and raise necessary funds.
Areas of Expertise

• Strategic growth
• Program coordination     • Pioneer
• Innovative     • Reliable
• Teaming
• Inclusive     • Budget planning
• Industrious
Professional Organizations

• President, Disaster Recover, Inc.
• Assistant President, Warzone Intervention.
• United States Representative to Trade and Commerce.
• National Counsel on Safety.
• Committee Member, Aurora City.

Symphony Living, Denver, CO

2002 – Present
Symphony Living is a $40 million non-profit organization that helps low-income housing become affordable through a development corporation with 20 full-time employees, 90 builders/tradesmen.

Researched and coordinated project to seek funding for purchase of properties and development of joint ventures for future projects. Liaison between contractors, developers, board members, and tenants.
• Created Morning Village, a $6 million 500 apartment community in Denver for families with low-income by renovating donated buildings.

Young Once Again (YOA), Aurora, CO

1975 – 1998
YOA is a multi-service senior citizen facility that is ranked in the top 5% in the country. YOA houses 300 senior citizens and operates with a $40 million budget.

Directed and managed overall operations of YOA including coordinating fund-raisers and developing and implementing new programs.
• Expanded the program from operations with $200,000 and 10 employees to $40 million with 100 employees in 13 years.
• Expanded and developed much needed programs that could not be accomplished with government funds such as city, state, and federal grants to raised $19 million annually from various donors.
• Developed contacts with numerous government agencies and became highly respected among them.
Program accomplishments:
• Serviced 25,000 local people 6 days per week at 6 health and nutrition sites.
• Assisted 800 senior citizens with Meals-on-Wheels.

University of Denver, Denver, CO

M.A. in Industrialization, 1973
M.A. in Music, 1971

Fellow, Management Leading, Class of 1993, honors

• Non-Profit Organizations Leadership Journal of Executive Leading
• University of Colorado, Economics Study

Verbal and written proficiency in Chinese and English.

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