Chief Executive Officer

Juan M. Bergeron
4499 Kelly Street
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 973-9964


Professional and dynamic leader in a highly competitive and regulated industry. Able to create effective business strategies and analysis. Detail-oriented with the ability to handle all executive level business operations and decisions. Skilled negotiator and public speaker. Excel in leadership and organization growth.

Academic Credentials

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Charlotte

Professional Objective

An executive level decision as in the manufacturing industry.

Selected Accomplishments

• Identified new market niche and negotiated license of innovative product. Grew investment by over 3000%.
• Understanding of consumer need grew accounts by 50%.
• Served as key contact between labor and management.
• Strong ability to analyze led to 35% reduction in production errors.
• Led company during transition period.

Career History

North CarolinaMills and Manufacturing, Incorporated

1985 – 2001
Chief Executive Officer
• Advised board during a period of rapid growth. Managed to cut costs and increase revenue even during frantic growth period.
• Led team of five division managers and 10 directors.

Chief Operating Officer
• Identified method to facilitate rapid entry of products into marketplace.
• Reorganized the engineering and marketing departments.
• Managed $5 million annual budget.
• Negotiated license agreements for five new products.

Director of Plant Operations
• Negotiated purchase agreement from foreign company for innovative product line.
• Oversaw the purchase of a new facility..
• Manged cash flow to increase operating budget by 5%.
• Hired leader to improve production.
• Implemented procedures for to streamline procurement.

Marketing Manager of Marine Products
• Improved a product line to bring into government and company compliance.
• Worked with distributors to improve stocking procedures.

PKL Corporation

1966 – 1985
Marketing Services Manager
• Worked with our service centers to increase inventory of best sellers. Increased annual sales by 14%.

Manager Production Planning
• Developed a long-range business analysis to justify moving to a new state.

Distributor Coordinator/Application Engineer
• Improved product and reduced customer returns by 40%.
• Coneived assembly line process that improved efficiency by 24%.


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