Credit Manager

Susan R. Holmes

2347 Hickory Ridge Road

Las Vegas, NV 89101

(701) 671-3751

·       Expert knowledge of credit analysis, financial management, credit management and tax planning.

·       Quantitative and qualitative analysis expertise.

·       Able to identify and reduce risk.

·       International and domestic financial risk management experience.

·       Demonstrated ability to maximize revenue and manage portfolios.

·       Exceptional communicator.

MLB America Inc., LasVegas, NV


Credit Analyst  

Responsible for credit analysis for large trading firm. Provide credit worthiness assessment for accounts with high exposure. Make specific recommendations regarding credit limits and risk ratings. Work with delinquent accounts and negotiate collections.

·       Appointed as  Compliance Coordinator to prepare financial documentation for legal counsel.

·       Prepare balance sheets and analysis of income statements, ratio trends and business and industry risk.

·       Oversaw on-going credit worthiness of established accounts.

BDJ Corporation, Las Vegas, NV


Credit Manager

Worked with individual clients to discuss high-volume accounts. Assessed companies credit worthiness through complex analyses.

·       Made presentations and recommendations at company trade meetings.

·       Delivered credit recommendations and ratings.

Bachelor of Science, Economics, Minor in Marketing

City University of Las Vegas

National Metal Importers Credit Group

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