Manager of Software Development (Data Recovery)

Dave W. Shoppy
12 Church Lane
Bentonville, AR 76593
(507) 373-2190


Business professional with management experience in the IT industry. Able to provide leadership and direction for multi-tier management systems and enterprise tools. Management background includes:

• Forecasting and budgeting     • Product development
• Benchmark scheduling     • Financial resources
• Identifying opportunities     • Leading development projects
• Feasibility analysis     • Hiring and training
• Interfacing withvendors     • Business plan development
• Concept design     • Ensuring solution interface

DF Business Solutions, Bentonville, AR

2000 – Present
Manage senior product development teams. Responsible for designing and developing data repositories, information security systems and storage management products. Highlights include:
• Provide strategic planning for engineers and scientists.
• Coordinate with engineering unit to streamline projects for improved product synergy.
• Provided technical training to the sales team.

AM Associates, Bentonville, AR

1998 – 2000
Senior Product Author
Wrote new code and created components to integrate stand-alone products. Provided technical leadership to management and sales teams.
• Led product vision and implementation.
• Assisted in partnership negotiations for products with major software vendors.

BA Technical Solutions, Bella Vista, AR

1993 – 1998
Product Author / Lead Product Developer
Directed team consisting of developers, testers, engineers and technical staff to deliver several releases of system recovery products.
• Recommended tools for a project which became a $75 million acquisition.
• Led product development.

Technical Knowledge

•    Languages: C, C++, SQL, and Fortran
•    Software: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, MS SQL Server, and Vantive
•    Operating Systems: HP, NT and Solaris.
Education and Training

The University of Arizona

Executive MBA Program

University of Arkansas

Ph.D, Computer Science

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