Manager (Systems)

Mary C. Carini
1029 Pike Street
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 685-9274

Business Analyst Systems Integrator

Superior ability to lead system integrations for larg-scale projects. Proven expertise to analyze, design, and implement systems integrations; also able to lead end-user training courses.

Areas of Strength

• Productivity Improvement     • Strategic Planning     • Project Management
• Client Relations     • Technical Support     • Microsoft Products

Technical Skills

Software Applications: MS Word, Excel, and Access.
Programming Languages: COBOL, BASIC, SQL.

Key Accomplishments

• Selected to lead team to analyze and recommend cost-cutting procedures.
• Led data migration for alliance with larger corporation.
• Improved Help Desk response times by 35% through use of a tiered system.

Professional Experience

AT&T, San Diego, CA

1978 – Present
Manager     2000 – Present
Mange the largest systems project ever undertaken by the company. Lead a cross-functional to investigate customer service and billing systems.
• Located potential vendors and developed RFP.
• Headed data migration meeting all deadlines.

Programming Manager     
1994 – 2000
Lead team of 20 technicians for programming work.
• Introduced new software release procedures to improve maintenance work.
• Researched all new products, processes, and tools for best-use purposes.

Senior Programmer/Analyst     
1988 – 1994

1982 – 1988

Computer Operator   
1978 – 1982

Rapidly promoted through organization. Given responsiblity for all mainframe applications and updates.
• Directed team to design, develop and implement company-wide time reporting system.
• Designed a new software solution for cash processing.

Education / Professional Development

University of California

B.S. Computer Science
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