Sample Operation Research Analyst Resume

Operation research is the process in which complex problem are analyzed and give best solution to it, to achieve certain objective. The operations research analyst is responsible for analysis and conducts research, plan and create report for operational problem.

Also perform tasks including effective delivery of public services and the provision of municipal assets. Given below is the sample operations research analyst resume with required details which helps you to create your own resume.

Will Robert,
45 Victory Street.
Bridgeport, CT 45633,
(578)466 4556.


Obtain job for the post of operations research analyst in well established company to apply my whole knowledge and skills for development of company.

Professional Skills:

Able to solve mathematical problem.
Strong in Judgment and Decision Making.
Strong in English communication.
Good in computer practice.
Uncommon ability to solve complex problem by using different tricks.
Able to adapt new technologies as quick as possible.

Educational Qualification:

M.S. in Operations Research,
University of Ashdown, AR (1998)
B.S. in Operations Research,
University of Bristol, CT (1996)

Work Experience:
Mau-Com Company Pvt. Ltd., Los Angeles, CA
Operations Research Analyst(2002-Present)

Scope of Duties :

Prepared decision making and better problem solving by applying advanced techniques.
Created mathematical relating constants and variables, mathematical problem models.
Carried out validation on prepared models and then recreate model as essential.
Created reports which contains problems with their standard solutions.

ABC Company Pvt. Ltd., Ansonia, CT
Operations Research Analyst(1999-2002)

Scope of Duties :

Carried out different tests such as judgment and statistical on collected and validated information.
Observed mathematical relation between system component parts by breaking and assigning numerical values to each component.
Solved complex problems with the help of senior managers.
Communicated with other specialist staffs to find out best solution of given problem.

Computer Skills:

Strong database knowledge in Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL
Good in languages such as C++, Java etc.
Having knowledge of other software’s like SAS, MATLAB, SNOPT


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