Archeology Intern

Eleanor M. Olive
2234 Kelly Street
Locust, NC 28097
(704) 888-2141


Graduating college student with a major in archeology seeks hands-on archeological excavation site experience working in the North African desrt. Able to read and write  Arabic. Computer proficient in all Microsoft Office applications.

Excavation field experience includes:
· Cleaning lithics and ceramics
· Ability to use the Total Data System for mapping
· Profiling
· General excavation expertise

Bachelor of Arts, Archeology, 2002
Relevant Coursework:
· North African Ancient History
· Archeology of Early African America
-Written report of site activity for a mock settlement over a 500 year time frame
· Introduction to Human Origins
· Human Evolution
· Function and Evolution of the Human Skeleton
· Anthropological Linguistics
Relevant Experience

ROCKLAND COLLEGE, Belize, Central America
Student Excavator, 2002 – Present
Chosen by board of professors to participate in this select program.


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