Federal Air Marshall (Federal Employment)

Cecilia R. Sunderman

4365 Wilkinson Court

North Naples, FL 33963

(239) 514-4501

Bureau of Immigration and Customs, Department of Homeland Security

Federal Air Marshal Service


·       Expert knowledge of all law enforcement operations.

·       Proven ability to succeed as Federal Air Marshall Team Leader.

·       Advanced ability to lead and conduct surveillance, undercover work, interviewing, investigation, and interrogation techniques.

·       Able to ensure compliance with customs and immigration law and lead passenger search and seizure procedures.

·       Exceptional interpersonal skills.

·       Weapons and self-defense expert.

·       Security Clearance: TOP SECRET.

·       Computer Skills: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access.


MBA, Operations,  University of Florida

Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, University of Florida


·       Simunitions Instructor

·       Firearms Instructor

·       Emergency Response Team Instructor

·       Range Master, Police Training Commission

·       Chemical Agents Instructor

·       Armorer, All Glock Weapons

·       Physical Fitness Instructor

·       Handcuffing Instructor


Department of Homeland Security

Bureau of Immigration and Customs, Federal Air Marshal Service

111 Pavonia Ave. § Jersey City, NJ 08201

Sep. 2001 to Present

Federal Air Marshall, Training Division

Supervised 50 Federal Air Marshals, 10 instructors, and 25 contract employees. Directed classes in physical fitness, briefings, undercover work, hijackings, firearms, emergency equipment; evacuation; physical fitness; crew briefings, and explosives handling.

Taught Federal Air Marshall self-defense program.

Wrote weekly performance assessments for Federal Air Marchall trainees.

Essex County Public Safety Department

25 Pompton Road § Cherry Hill, NJ 08234

Mar. 1995 to Sep. 2001

Training Supervisor, Essex County Police Training Center  

Oversaw training for 250 officers and managed a yearly budget of $100,000. Conducted background investigations and written assessments.

Instructed classes in firearms, sub-machine gun, use of force, boxing, close quarter combat, physical fitness, impact weapons, chemical agents, vehicle operations, high-risk stops, building searches, and observation techniques.

Designed curriculum and purchased all training-related equipment.

Ramapo College

PO Box 339 § Ramsay, NJ 08240

Jan. 1999 to May 1999

Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice

Taught college-level courses in criminal theory, criminal procedures, and corrections.


·       Counter Drug Reaction Team Course

·       Field Training Course

·       Emergency Preparedness

·       Criminal Procedure Update

·       Training Management in Law Enforcement Workplace

·       Organized Crime

·       Criminal Procedure Updates

·       Bomb Awareness Update

·       Criminal Investigations
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