Independent Contractor

Lynn J. Quinn
3018 Flinderation Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
(708) 302-0496


A position which will utilize skills in customer service and clerical expertise.

Professional Qualifications

Customer Service / Retail
• Trusted by company to monitor private alarms of residences and businesses.
• Commended by management for excellent customer service.
• Able to prioritize tasks and responsibilities.
• Enthusiastic and hardworking.
• Exceptional phone courtesy.
• Able to assist customers in purchase decisions
• Adept at creating eye-catching merchandise displays.
• Experienced at managing a chase register.

• Accurately enter new accounts.
• Efficiently record inventory.
• Able to efficiently plan routes for delivery.
• Experience training new hires.
• Knowledge of all standard office equipment.
• Expertise in MS Word.
• Familiar with all word-processing software.

Unique Strengths

Unique strengths as determined by personality assessment testing:
Friendly / Organized / People-Oriented / Hard-working


Bobo’s Self Storage

Northbrook, IL

Merritt’s Vending

Northbrook, IL

Other Employment

Moore’s Telecommunication Center, Northbrook, IL


Bergam’s, Incorporated, Northbrook, IL

Phone Receptionist

Engle’s General Store, Northbrook, IL

Sales Associate

Wal-Mart, Northbrook, IL

Sales Associate

Professional Development

Employment Advancement Course
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