IS Project Manager (Data Manager)

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Seeking a position as a Information Systems Manager or related.
Professional Experience

Huntington Cancer Center, Phoenix, AZ

1998 – Present
IT Project Manager / Data Manager
Manage a cross-function team to continuously improve the technology of the Huntington Cancer Center.  Currently responsible for improving relationships between providers and the information management group to design a hardware and software upgrade plans.

Lead meetings between personnel to increase programmers understanding of cancer research to facilitate and design databases for research and clinical data management.

Ensure data security complies with government regulations.

Provide education to staff to ensure understanding of the center’s technology and how it can impact patient care.

Tucson Trials Center, Tucson, AZ

1996 – 1998
Computer Systems Engineer Senior;
Was responsible for software and system management in a clinical trial setting. Provided high-level software integration problem resolution. Also created written training manuals for office staff. Helped staff develop their knowledge of networking and software integration

Desert Hospital Radiology, Tucson, AZ

1993 – 1996
Computer Systems Engineer Senior
Analyzed and implemented process improvements. Worked with radiologists and vendors to create a new teleradiology system. Also designed and developed software tools to monitor compliance and configured a medical image analysis software.

Arizona State University Academic Computing, Tempe, AZ

1990 – 1993
Computer Systems Engineer
Provided management and system administration of computer systems for all of the school’s engineering departments. Managed new equipment purchases and budgets for system.


•    Software, Database & Programming Skills:  SunOS, SAS, Oracle 7/8, Access 97/2000, Paradox 8, FileMaker Pro, Cobol, C, Fortran, Pascal, BASIC, APL, C Shell, Bourne Shell, Korn Shell, and Perl.
•    Network Administration Skills: Maintaining and establishing user accounts, network security, troubleshooting printer problems, back-up devices, and installing and maintaining E-mail servers.
•    Hardware Administration Skills:  Experienced in hardware for government and corporate applications including DEC VAX, Sun Microsystems, RS6000, HP9x, SGI, Macintosh, and Intel-based PCs.


M.S., Management Information Systems


B.S., Computer Science
Dean’s List


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