Maritime Captain

Jaden T. Redding

684 Linden Lane

Taos, NM 89588

(809) 765-9534


Over two decades of experience as Maritime Captain with excellent planning and leadership capability. Able to communicate with crew in seven languages: English, Norwegian, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Russian, and German.

Summary of Expertise

·          Confidential, trustworthy, and hardworking

·          Perfect safety record

·          Certified medic in CPR

·          Expertise in navigation and astronomy

·          PADI assistant instructor

·          Proficient in the use of all maritime technologies

·          Skilled tourism planner and coordinator

·          Manage technical problems

·          Outstanding communication skills

·          Fluent in several languages

Professional Experience


M/Y Chanington ms

M/Y Lily lane

M/Y eastwind

M/Y Daisy dean

·    Effectively lead vessel operations including formal documentation for governemt authorities.

·    Expertise of the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas.

·    Manage all major yacht refurbishment projects.

·    Uphold rigorous safety standards.

·    Helped select vessels for purchase.

·    Monitor all engines and electronic devices for reliability.

Additional Experience


Independent contractor responsible for supervising and mainting vessels for yacht owners around the world.



Coordinated European sales, delivery and installation of computers from Asia.



Maintained complete authority over ten boats in shipyard. Negotiated and closed contracts. forecast schedules and expenses. Also for hiring and supervising employees; trained vessel crews.

Maritime Studies

·          Vessel Construction

·          Data Technology

·          IMS Safety Standards

·          Astronomy and Navigation

·          Sea Communications

·          Sea Piracy


Business and Marketing Management

University of Boston

Technical Skills

Proficient use of satellites communications radio and electronis on mega yachts.

Additional Information

United States Citizen


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