Offshore Driller

William Y. Edwards
3923 Tenmile Road
Boston, MA 02110
(781) 742-7268

Summary of Qualifications

More than a decade experience operating forklifts and cranes to move heavy equipment, chemicals, and hazardous materials. Background includes assisting in the repair and maintenance of hydraulic equipment. Experienced includes scheduling, job planning, and safety compliance while supervising a work crew.
Hydraulic Equipment Knowledge

•    Bulldozers
•    Graders
•    Forklifts
•    Tractors

Acme Offshore Drilling, Boston, MA

1998 – Present
Assigned to an offshore mobile rig for a 28-day on/28-day off schedule. Operated forklifts to move pallets of chemicals and hazardous materials. Operated Linkbelt cranes, on an as needed basis, to move heavy equipment around the deck. Operated 500-ton block that ran drill stems in and out of the hole.

Big Rig Drilling, Boston, MA

1997 – 1998
Operated forklifts to load and unload chemicals and 5,000 pounds of pipe off flatbed trucks while assigned to a U.S. land rig. Operated a small crane to lift pipe and drilling collars onto catwalks for accessibility to air hoists from rig floor. Participated in both buildup and tear down of rigging operations that included power lines, mud lines, and disconnecting of drilling package such as mud tanks, mud pumps, derrick, rig floor, FCR house, generators, and 398 Cats. Used cranes to lift packages onto flatbed trucks for hauling to next site. Supervised a five-man crew.

Holcomb Drilling Company, Boston, MA

1996 – 1997
Drilled water wells for homes using a water-based heating and cooling system. Operated a Doodlebug water well rig. Ran loops for cooling units. Maintained total responsibility for preventive maintenance and repaired busted hydraulic lines, washed out valves, and other minor breakdowns to keep hydraulic equipment in excellent operating condition.
Training and Education

STOP Safety Program / Confined Space Safety / Firefighters School / Water Survival School / HAZCOM

AYERS HIGH SCHOOL , Ayers, Massachusetts

H.S. Diploma

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