Police Officer (Information Systems)

Avery Sigmon
4503 Martha Street
Greensboro, NC 27401


• Strong work ethic
• Willing to work where assigned
• Valuable team player
• Excellent communication skills

Career Path

City of Greensboro

1977 – 2001
Greensboro Police Officer

Corporate Information Systems Coordinator                                                                                                      1997-2001
• Instrumental in implementing the Vehicle Inspection System
• Functioning as System Coordinator,
• Generated quality control reporting program

1996 – 1997
Traffic Program Detective
Implemented procedures to assist law enforcement officers in the enforcement of laws and ordinances

1994 – 1996
Program Enforcement Unit Officer
• Implemented the strageic development of Parking enforcement policies
• Primary officer for a period of 2 years, coordinating with civilian Law Enforcement Officers.

Kramdon Police Department:

Traffic Support Field Officcer
Support Operations Technician
Field Support Services Analyst
Regional Warrant Officer

Awards & Special Recognition

– Police Exemplary Service Medal:
-Civiilian Letter of Outstanding Service: Recognized for “demonstrating clarity under duress”
– Personnel Documentation: Received notification commending excellent policing
Computer Skills

•    Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/NT
•    Database Applications: Access, Oracle: Forms, Reports I (V2), PLUS (V3.1) and PL/SQL (V2), Clipper and “C”
•    Programming: COBOL, C, BASIC, JCL, RPG II, IBM Assembly Language Programming
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