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Assembler Resume

An assembler finds his profile in manufacturing firms and production factories with assembly lines. The assembler has to perform both manufacturing and maintenance duties. Sometimes the work profile demands the assembler to be physically strong with good eye sight, as the job may include lifting/pushing of heavy material or measuring on a microscopic scale. Here […]

Assembly Line Worker Resume

A production factory contains different assembly lines and the products are assembled at different stations on these lines. Though almost all of these assembly processes are automated and machine driven, human intervention is needed for certain processes like fitting, drilling, screwing, etc. This assistance is provided by skillful people known as assembly line workers. A […]

Sample Auto Mechanic Resume

An auto mechanic is a person who is an expert in repairing and maintaining automotive vehicles. Any person who is a high school graduate and holds relevant knowledge and experience about vehicles can become an auto mechanic. The major categorization among auto mechanics can be done if he/she specializes in repairing a two/four wheeler vehicle. […]