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Radio On-Air Talent

Randall A. Roper 678 Burwell Road Jasper, TX 75951 (409) 698-6409 Objective Position on-air as radio personality. Summary of Qualifications Experienced On-Air Radio Personality and Station Programmer with expert knowledge of studio and live broadcasts, digital production, and voice-overs. • Expert knowledge of cutting-edge radio studios. • Ability to generate creative, entertaining radio concepts. • […]

DJ Resume

A DJ job is where one has to drive a mob through various moods. The person possessing required dexterity at music system, with ability to understand changing moods and music demands of a group can make a successful disc jockey career. In addition to the above mentioned, the person, Is expected to be introduced to […]

Dental Sales Resume

Dental sales or representative are responsible for various duties regarding to dental merchandise, furniture and technical equipments. He or she is the direct person who gives or introduces their products to customers. They provide all the information and use of products to their customers. Sales person or sales representative helps their customers to select the […]