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Pharmacist Assistant

Catherine Bowe 1452 Huntz Lane Richmond Hill, GA 31324 912-315-6868 Objective To obtain a technician position utilizing extensive experience and expertise in this field pf Pharmaceuticals. Desire to contribute to a fast-paced environment while building relationships and developing professional skills. Education UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA 1996 B.S. Pharmcuetical Science NORTH CAROLINA UNIVERSITY Associate, Pharmacy Summary […]

Sample Healthcare Manager Resume

Healthcare is also a business that requires management and healthcare manager provides the management. Healthcare manager make sure that all the healthcare services are going in effective and efficient manner. Their duties include planning, directing, supervising and coordinating the delivery of healthcare. They manage the admission and discharge of patients. Healthcare manager manages and organize […]

Law Enforcement Objective

Law Enforcement Objective Law Enforcement Objective Examples Why do you need an objective? An objective is the aim or way of working of an employee when an opportunity is given to him or her. It involves telling the about the high aim, spirit and aspirations of an employee to the employer in a very impressive […]