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General Manager (Automotive)

Julia D. Thurmond 1989 Trouser Leg Road Springfield, MA 01003 (413) 895-8435 Summary Business innovator with over a decade of professional management experience. Specialized knowledge of the automobile dealership industry. Expertise in general management, production management, finance management and general sales management. Have succesfully led sales seminars and improved sales productivity. t professional with 12 […]

Financial Manager (Recent Graduate)

Jessica O. Adler 3827 Kelly Drive Wheeling, WV 26003 (304) 830-8135 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Highly motivated global Finance Graduate with analytical ability and professional internship experience. Demonstrated devotion to meeting and exceeding corporate objectives. Financial Specialization ·       Corporate Finance ·       Entrepreneurial Finance ·       Financial Analysis ·       Financial Instruments ·       Macroeconomics ·       Statistics ·       International Finance […]

Finance Manager

Esther A. Jennings 35 Marin Drive Tampa, FL 33619 (813) 372-0769 FINANCE MANAGER • DIVISIONAL ACCOUNTANT • ACCOUNTANT Skilled financial manger with the ability to offer sound financial advice and improve revenue for companies and individuals. Devoted to improving daily operations and relationships with customers and vendors. Professional strengths include: Ÿ       Debt Analysis Ÿ       Team […]