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Quality Assurance Professional

Anita P. Foster 3850 Tyler Avenue Miami, FL 33128 (305) 329-2587 Quality Assurance Manager / Customer Service Manager / Data Analyst Quality Assurance professional with management experience. Proven ability to improve efficiency of personnel while exceeding customer service expectations. Dedicated and hardworking with an eye for detail. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS ·       Highly efficient and organized […]

Law Professional

Joann P. Toothe 1445 Clement Street Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 518-3065 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS ·       Highly-organized with advanced logic and analysis skills. ·       Able to blend attention to meticulous research with big-picture understanding of legal matters. ·       Diplimatic, tactful and poised in all communication. EDUCATION J.D., Legal Studies, 2001, University of Georgia School of Law […]

Facility Manager Resume

Facility manager is one of the very fastest growing professions in this contemporary time. Sample facility manager resume is given along with this article. Mr. Richard Anderson is the respective candidate applying for the post. In this kind of resume candidate’s background summary plays an important role so; the concept of this is duly comprised […]