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Banking Executive

Suzanne LeStarge 909 Mahwah Avenue Providence, RI 01298 (215) 679-1036 Corporate-level Executive Banking and Finance Professional Vice President • Branch Manager A professional bank executive with over 15 years increasingly responsible experience. Excellent customer service and inter-personal communication. Ability to manage and lead with enthusiasm and integrity. Ability to apply critical thinking and problem solving […]

Bank Teller

Derek Jamison 12 Lucena Lane Burleigh, VA 80234 (876) 435-2022 Objective Seeking a position as bank teller which requires extensive knowledge of banking and customer service practices.. Summary of Qualifications • Excel in handling cash, customers and the issuance of corporate checks, traveler’s checks and money orders. Notary of the State of Virginia. • Excellent […]

Bank Manager (Small Business)

Alex Forman 25 Pearl Ave. Palm Beach, FL 97654 (321) 478-9012 Objective Responsible position as Bank Manager Professional Profile Experienced executive with a small business lending background in finance and small-banking operations. Consistently achieve positive results in an rapidly changing banking environment. Consistent track record of generating new business opportunities, retaining existing clients, and consistently […]