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Game Developer Job Resume Format

Developing TV console, PC and smartphone games is one of the most exciting and rewarding programming jobs for those with the skill in the relevant coding languages and use of vendor’s development kit.  Not only does the work give reign to your imagination that is next to being a TV or film director, its interactive […]

Lead Mobile Phone Application Developer Resume Format

The immense popularity of Apple’s App Store and similar sites from other cellphone brands like Blackberry and Android brands have spawned a thriving profession for application programmers specializing in developing on the smartphone platform. Using modern programming tools from vendor development kits, they are instrumental in the success of the smartphone. Lead Mobile Phone Application […]

New Product Planning Manager Resume Formatw

To remain competitive in cutthroat markets, a brand needs to be continuously offering new products to existing markets or expand to new markets.  To this end, the New Product Planning Manager makes this possible by conducting research on emerging market needs and changes in the demographs and lifestyles.  Going past what the product development department […]