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Financial Services Graduate (AWARD WINNING)

Gail G. Lee 3001 Hill Croft Farm Road, Oroville, CA 530-492-8012 ▪ [email protected] FINANCIAL SERVICES PROFESSIONAL Energetic and conscientious recent graduate with a desire to work in the financial/investment industry. Reputation for going the second mile and working iwth enthusiasm and professionalsim. Core areas of experience include: §  Analytical, customer service, and problem solving skills. […]

Fresher MBA Resume

Business Administration is indeed a field with unlimited career development opportunities, however entering the field may not be so simple! You must however, try hard to build your image through your resume as a person with intense managerial abilities. Your employers can be assured through your resume, about your skills and traits to handle their […]

Canada Resume Format

A Canadian resume is usually works much like an American resume. For you to get the attention of the reader, your must actively sell yourself by using active verbs, rather than passive. Likewise, these active verbs must show your accomplishments and the range of experience. This helps you get the interview. In terms of the […]