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Sample Kitchen Worker Resume

In kitchen workers, there are various positions including cook, cook helper, chefs, food preparation workers and many others. They cook and chef prepares all seasonal foods from soups, salads and snacks. Chefs and cooks prepare meals and create various food recipes. Cook helper help in cutting and peeling vegetables, preparing poultry, trimming meat and various […]

Sample Kitchen Supervisor Resume

Kitchen supervisor is the position, which is responsible for managing and supervising all activities of food preparation, kitchen suppliers, kitchen pantry, storeroom personnel, purchasing and many more. They are responsible for planning menus, preparing foods and using food surpluses. The position is also responsible for hiring and training new employees. They make sure about the […]

Sample Kitchen Assistant Resume

Kitchen assistant helps to the head chef, deputy head chef, assistant chef cook, supervisor in many ways. They are responsible for preparing garnishes to accompany the sweet courses and main meal. They also prepare sweet courses and serve breakfast. Kitchen assistant also helps in the preparation of picnic lunches. The position is responsible for maintaining […]