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Warehouse Forklift Resume Format

Many small jobs are available in the warehouses which are very important for the work flow and Warehouse Forklift is one among them. Warehouse Forklift worker has job role of uploading and emptying the trucks and maintaining the vehicle. They are also responsible for moving the carriages in and out of the warehouse and delivering […]

Navy Resume format

This resume format can be used as guide to persons seeking employment in the navy. A good navy resume experience outlines the professional experience and applicant’s educational background.  It should also include a strong and concise career or professional objective of the applicant. Applicants’ achievements in the previous jobs are also included in this type […]

Maritime Captain

Jaden T. Redding 684 Linden Lane Taos, NM 89588 (809) 765-9534 Profile Over two decades of experience as Maritime Captain with excellent planning and leadership capability. Able to communicate with crew in seven languages: English, Norwegian, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Russian, and German. Summary of Expertise ·          Confidential, trustworthy, and hardworking ·          Perfect safety record ·          […]