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John Michel
1237 Main Court
Santa Cruz
CA, 95060
Cell: 243-543-6767
Email: [email protected]

Career profile :Obtaining the post of a computer security specialist in an organization that will boost my technical as well as intellectual qualities and also result in the betterment of the organization

Summary of skills

  • Ability to write computer programs for different intentions
  • Problem solving attitude and ability to analyze needs as well as product requirements to create design
  • Ability to think logically for solving the problems and choosing the tools according to the need of the job
  • Ability to generate tool, technology, and equipments to serve the needs of the customer
  • Profound knowledge of electronic equipments, computer hardware, software together with application and programming
  • Highly skilled in using the procedures, strategies, and related tools for protecting the important data in the computer
  • Excellent communication and written skills
  • Ability to control the access to the computer network as well as protect the important data

Educational qualification
Bachelors degree in Science form DES College California in the year 20XX

Completed the certification course of Security Specialist from WES institute California in the year 20XX

Technical skills
Familiar with networking technologies like TCP/IP, Windows NT, and UNIX

Professional Experience:

Working as a Computer Security Specialist in FRG Co. Inc., California from
October 20XX to January 20XX

  • Designing and executing network control mechanisms that are useful to control user’s access to a computer network
  • Executing application access controls i.e. password authentication that helps to keep away the unauthorized users from accessing any network
  • Prohibiting the hackers to access the network and setting up the programs that will deny the access to hackers
  • Working with the employees at all levels and providing them instructions for accessing a particular program
  • Meeting the requirements of the users
  • Working together with the management for balancing the security and making it easy for the users to access the system

Worked as a Computer Security Specialist in WRA organization,
California in the year March 20XX to September 20XX

  • Liaising password and procedure with the users of the system involving the up-to-date list of users and passwords
  • Aiding the users who forgot their password and administering the application programs
  • Facilitating the service to users and providing related information
  • Updating the backup of files and protecting them

Areas of Interest:

  • Using various applications and facilitating users to use them effectively
  • Providing suggestions regarding to the system to the management

Personal Details:

  • Name: John Michel
  • Date of Birth: XX/XX/19XX
  • Employment Status: Computer Security Specialist
  • Relationship status: Single


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