Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Why do you need a resume objective for administrative assistant?

An objective is a statement which helps you to establish a link or connection between an employer and yourself. It should be about the job that you are applying for and how you suit the job. Objective orients your resume towards a particular job. It helps the employer understand your resume better, without having to go through the whole resume. It should be a crisp statement that gives a gist of what the resume is about and for what position it is suitable for.

In this case you have to orient your resume towards the position .administrative assistant.. To understand the job profile of an administrative assistant better, read .Administrative assistant job description..

Examples of resume objectives for administrative assistant

A resume objective is usually placed after the contact details. It has to give the employer an idea of why you are suitable for this job.

Entry-level administrative assistant. resume objective <> In an entry-level resume, there would usually be no account of previous experience. Therefore you have to show your eagerness to learn and work productively as the employer requires.

A position as administrative assistant where good analytical skills, problem solving ability and basic administrative ability can contribute to profitable operation.

Internship level administrative assistant.s resume objective

If you are applying for an internship job, you would still be in your graduation course or would be a total beginner in this field. Therefore increase your chance of .view by the employer. by choosing words that would enable the employer to a look at your resume.

A position as administrative assistant where good analytical skills and ability to learn fast contribute to profitable operation.

Experienced administrative assistant.s resume objective

If you think you have enough or ample experience to apply for a position then, enable the employer to spot your experience in the objective. You can do this by giving hint words in your objective that catches the eye of an employer. Here, the objective must enable an employer to know your interest, experience and ability. Of course, you give all this in your resume, but first impression is the best impression and in a resume introduction matters.

A career in lower-level administration where skills in transcription, bookkeeping, website design, project management, and MS office and ability to learn fast and implement contribute to profitability.

What not to include in an objective?

A resume objective has to have a gist of the resume and also help an employer pick your resume for further processing. Therefore do not include personal details and interests in there. The employer does not look to see whether the job suits you, he/she wants to know whether you suit the job.

Example of a bad objective:

Seeking an administrative assistant job where there is scope to learn and good career growth.

Here there is no mention about the skills, ability or experience. This objective is oriented towards the interest of the person applying for the job, instead it should orient towards the position the person.s applying for.

Note: Do not mention objectives in your resume, if you are applying for multiple positions in the same organization, because an objective limits your resume view to a particular position.


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