Firefighter Resume format

In applying for this occupation, you need both physical and mental trainings to fit for this kind of job. Firefighters these days are known for their dedication and toughness for their job. The person needs to have specific trainings and key credential so that your resume would be interesting for fighting companies.

Firefighter Resume Sample


1729 Lincoln Village

Cleveland, OH 09171

(564) 876-0111


Primary – St. Andrews Elementary School Cleveland OH

Secondary – Cleveland State University, OH

Ohio Fire Fighting Institute – Certified by Ohio Health Department

Ohio Firefighting Operations Certificates I and II


Firefighter – Cleveland Rescue Services, Cleveland OH 1999 – 2005


* Respond quickly in any circumstances
* Maintain fire equipments and station facilities
* Giving first aids for burns and bruises for injured personnel and patient before the ambulance arrive.
* Keeping people’s Safety when fire occurs in any circumstances
* Teaching and assisting Fire drills of different schools in Ohio
* Adding and Fixing fire Equipments for buildings and schools

Firefighter – OHIO Fire Department, OH 2006 – Present


* Perform complete series of safety activities
* Conducted public information and activities
* Vehicle driver, maintenance and repair
* Perform public presentations and drills
* Teach Basic fire prevention and life safety when a fire occurs.
* Maintain physical fitness of co Firefighters
* Follow and accomplish the duties of being a Firefighter


* Outstanding Firefighter of The year – Local and Municipal Offices of Ohio
* Recognize as one of the top Firefighter of Cleveland

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