Advertising Manager Resume Format

Advertising is an essential form of communicating to the public on goods and services that one may have and would want to provide. Therefore, the advertising manager has the sole responsibility in ensuring that the companies target goals are met, in reference to their target market and budget set for their advertising campaign and must be able to effectively communicate with the companies’  customers ensuring that they have the appropriate information they need on the products and services offered by the firm. This sample resume can be used if you are interested in the field of Public Relations and Marketing.

Sample Advertising Manger Resume

Louise Harris

1197 Garden Square


Digby, Georgia

[email protected]

Mobile No: + 448265739182

Telephone no: 02082987209

Career Objective:

I am a hardworking individual who is self driven, dedicated and focused. My passions for advertising will enable me maintain and enhance the status quo of the company by improving the sales yet maintain the budget allocated. This makes me a valuable asset to your esteemed organization. I am well trained and have good leadership skills therefore able to build on the skills of each individual in my team.

Professional Experience:

1997 – 1999:  Assistant Manager, The Herald International    Newspaper.

1999- 2003: Manager Mayfair Daily

2003- 2008: Senior Manager, Mayfair Newspaper.


1993- 1997: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration– Georgia University, Georgia

2000- 2002: Master of Public Relation- Sussex University, Sussex.


2004, award for longest serving Manager.


Reading biographies

Playing golf

Interacting with people

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