Advertising Resume Format

When applying for a job you are working towards having a relationship between your future employer and yourself.  As you write your resume, think of what you want to say and how you want to say it. The format you use determines whether you will get a job or not. First impressions last. If you format your work in a clear, neat and concise manner then this is interpreted as being organized. Practice on your format and you might just get that job. This sample resume can be used for any job you want, like Accounts Manager or Executive Accountant.

Sample Advertising Resume Format

Joyce Murphy

830 Hill Side


[email protected]

Mobile No: +2857747466

Telephone No: 02084763745

Career Objective:

I want to be able to improve and maintain the company’s image. I will do this by maintaining the relationship within different departments in the company who determine the success of the company. I have good interpersonal skills; this will help in handling clients, the media, community and government as well as maintain a good relationship with them. I am valuable to the company as I can work well under pressure thus I am always ready for any eventualities.

Professional Experience:

2002- 2005: Assistant PR Officer- State Media, Carolina

2006- 2008:  PR Manager – California State Televised Network.


1998- 2001: Degree in Public Relations- California University, USA

1996- 1997: Diploma in Psychology, California State College, USA


2005- Member Media Association California





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