Aircraft Mechanic

Robert R. Krueger
2944 Point Street
Chicago, IL 60631
(773) 827-7865


Aircraft mechanic with several years successful experience in personnel management and aircraft maintenance. Lead team members by example. Empasize importance on quality and integrity of parts and assemblies used in production, repair, and maintenance of aircraft. Maintain conformance with all safety regulations through monitoring and education of staff.
Aircraft Knowledge

Boeing 707, 727, 747, 757, B1B, and B2B • Convair 240, 340, and 440 • J-29-217 Engines
DC-8, 9, and 10 • MD 1011 • C-17, 141, and 405 • F-5E, B, and F / F-4C and D • T-38A and 37 • KC-135
Highlights of Qualifications

Aircraft and Sheet Metal Maintenance
– Perform inspections before during and after flights.
– Design and build proper tools and machines.
– Read and utilize documents to plan the building of  machine tools.
– Install and repair, and replace a variety of subassemblies on varied aircraft.
– Make use of extensive knowledge in areas of aerospace structural technologies to guarantee highest levels of quality assurance and that regulations are met.
– Expertise in all tools needed for performance of daily operations.
– Operate hand and power equipment.
Professional Experience

NW Cargo

1995 – 2001
A & P Mechanic / Team Lead

Donaldson Services

1994 – 1995
Sheet Metal Mechanic

Aircrafty Corporation

1985 – 1994
A & P Mechanic

United States Air Force

1984 – 1985
Flight Line Mechanic
Education, Training and Certification

Jet Engine Technician • OJT Trainer •
Earned 28 CE Credits in Welding, Drafting, and Accounting
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Licensed A & P Mechanic


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