Retired Air force Resume Format

Retiring from the Military does not mean that one’s career is rendered non-existent. With all the experience gained, retirement opens doors to various exciting challenges. This sample retired air force resume can be used to create resumes for military personnel that have retired from various jobs and seek new opportunities in both the private and public sector.

Sample Retired Air force Resume

James Fisher

345 Trent Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

[email protected]

Mobile Number: 5553908

Telephone Number: 55589738

Career Objective:

To be legendary pioneer who is willing to tackle the future and focus on new opportunities and challenges while sharing my extensive experience in various sectors

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Colonel- US Air Force


Managed administrative functions

Arranged international defense meetings

Developed various aspects of the academy curriculum

2003-2005: Brigadier General- US Air Force


Managed renovation projects

Commanded air force base

Coordinated military services

Carried out extensive strategic planning

Responsible for assignment of labor force

2006-2008: Major General- US Air Force


Responsible for crisis management

Implemented various renovation projects

Oversaw graduation of students


Trained in strategic planning and team management

Trained in resource conservation and military budget allocation

Trained in fundamentals of fighter aircrafts and military personnel management


1985-1988: Bachelor of International Relations- Harvard Training Institute

1989-1991: Master of Political Science- Harvard University


Awarded with a Commendation Medal for committed service to the force

Member of the International Intelligence Services Society

Member of THE Military Welfare Program

Developed a national security curriculum for the academy

Published a number of reports on resource conservation and alternative warfare solutions




Driving rally cars

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