Analyst Resume Format

Analyst job opportunities are available for people whose skills include good communication, organizational skills and an ability to negotiate. For anyone who seeks employment in this field, an analyst resume is an important document that should be carefully written. The person should be able to discover the business challenges that exist and offer clear solutions to those challenges. He or she should also be proactive and resourceful with business ideas. This sample analyst resume format can be used to build an effective resume for individuals who seek analyst jobs in areas of business analysis, IT analysis, project analysis and technical analysis.

Sample Analyst Resume Format

Wayne Johnson

20 Bluebell Road


Kingston, London

United Kingdom

[email protected]

Mobile Number: +4467859345

Telephone Number: 0209854756

Career Objective:

Help organizations to comprehend the challenges that the market poses and work with stakeholders to address these challenges effectively to meet the requirements of the organization.

Professional Experience:

2000-2002: Project Manager- Future Commercial Industries

2003-2005: Logistics Analyst- Benson Data Consultants

2006-2007: Senior Business Analyst- Personnel Solutions


Trained at entry level on project management

Trained in business analysis and reengineering processes

Received certification in SAP and office applications


2000-2003: Bachelor of Science in Business Studies- University of Wales

2004-2006: Master of Arts in Community Development- University of Sutton

2006-2007: Diploma in Business Management


Prepared functionality test processes

Implemented new business operations

Helped the company gain profitably with cost effective strategies

Actively contributed to data modeling functions

Worked closely with development team to come up with effective business solutions


* Playing tennis
* Playing football
* Swimming

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