Analyst Resume Template

An analyst resume is an important part of the employment application process. It contains information that is aimed at highlighting the individual’s skills and attributes that are relevant to the position. The resume serves as an essential step towards gaining access to analyst job opportunities. An analyst should be a good communicator who is able to apply technical skills in an organized and efficient manner. It is essential to have a good grasp of business models and strategies as well as the ability to manage business projects. This sample analyst resume template can help individuals write resumes for analyst jobs that include business analyst, logistics analyst, accounts analyst and IT analyst.Sample

Analyst Resume Template

Courtney Keys

32 Brighton Road


Greenwich, London

United Kingdom

[email protected]

Mobile Number: +4456782349

Telephone number: 02098635467

Career Objective:

Participate in organizational development by helping the organization address challenges and promote the satisfaction of customer needs through implementation of optimally functional business processes.

Professional Experience:

2000-2003: Business Analyst- Metropolitan Consolidated Investments

2004-2005: Operations Manager- Professional Output Limited

2006-2008: Senior Business Analyst- Fortune Coordinators Limited


Trained in project management and scheduling functions

Trained in psychometric tests and procedures

Received extensive training in performance management


2000-2003: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology- University of Redding

2004-2006- Master of Business Administration


Supervision of staff members

Project management assistance

Worked closely with clients to establish and evaluate their needs

Liaised with stakeholders and helped them with decision making processes

Came up with management plans that were used for problem resolution


* Swimming
* Drawing
* Ballroom dancing

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