Sample Analyst Resume Format

There a number of analyst job opportunities available. An analyst is required to identify challenges in a business environment and offer solutions that can help a business meet its objectives. To qualify for employment, the individual should have the ability to analyze and develop business needs that will help the business achieve its core objectives. An analyst should be able to communicate effectively and interact with different kinds of people in a working environment. The following sample analyst resume can help people write resumes for different analyst jobs that cover areas such as office management, accounting, and disbursement of funds and manufacturing liaison.

Sample Analyst Resume Sample

Jeremy Jackson

13 Fox Road


Camden, London

United Kingdom

[email protected]

Mobile Number: +44767493432

Telephone Number: 0209875646

Career Objective:

To take on the challenging responsibility of being a business analyst and use this role to effectively provide business solutions that serve to meet the needs of the customer base and enhance overall productivity on a large scale.

Professional Experience:

2000-2003: Business Analyst- Myriad Consultants

2004-2006: Senior Business Analyst- Wayne Commercial Investments

2007-2008: Senior Logistics Analyst- Fortune Data Consultants


1996-1999: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- University of Yorkshire

2005-2007: Master of International Business Management- Cambridge University


Identified new systems and modified those that were in existence

Set up training modules for management trainees

Documentation of business processes that enhanced organizational functionality

Active participation in the management and coordination of project plans


* Exotic Cookery
* Fishing
* Designing clothes

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