Systems Analyst

Gerald T. Unich
83 Dwylit Way
Colorado Springs, CO 83032
(303) 989-2012

Professional Profile

Experienced Information Technology management professional in Systems Analysis.  13-year background in written, verbal communications in areas of team leadership, program testing, and troubleshooting.  Experience in administrative areas as well.  People-centric with easy ability to interact easily with co-workers and subordinates. Experience working with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and professional and technical levels.
Computer Skills

•    Microsoft Office Suite: Word Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook; Netscape, Mozilla, Internet Explorer; Microsoft Windows, 2000 Professional; Lotus Notes; Oracle Database; UNIX; Java
Qualification Highlights

• Act as liaison between various departments and represented multiple departments in communicating with upper level management.
• Create and implement procedures to test plans and to troubleshoot and repair interoperability issues, successfully managing teams to resolve complicated program and application compatibility problems.
• Possess extensive knowledge of command of database administration, spreadsheet and graphics programming, and communications software applications with the ability to test and certify the software and systems to ensure compliance with all departments.
• Team-worker that can also work solo coming up with creative solutions to a miriad of problems.

Hubblebee Inc

2001 – Present
Computer Systems Analyst III/Interoperability Certification Team Leader
• Maintained responsibility for interaction and communications between various departments within Hubblebee Inc., in support of proficient task management functions.
• Reviewed and analyzed programs, documented problems and tested and evaluation master plans to ensure conformity with other applications.
• Authorized team functions to contribute ideas and build team relationships to better perform various projects essential to the systems functionality.
• Managed and analyzed complex contractual agreements and verified that systems operations accomplished desired agreements.

Subject Matter Expert
• Employed technical editing and development expertise in development of technical documents for publication, contracts, projects, and programs.

United States Army

1991 – 1999
Assistant Operations Coordinator / Officer
• Coordinated relocation of 50 personnel, after closing of two site locations.
• Trained and conducted seminars on compliance with all regulations governing safety in equipment and control of hazardous materials and waste.
• Assumed position of inventory, logistics, and labor management, upon being employed for merely five years.

United States Army

1990 – 1999
Army Commander


University of Colorado-Boulder, Boulder Denver, CO

Master of Science in Information Systems and Master of Business Administration.

University of Denver, Denver, CO

Bachelor of Science, Public Relations


Information Systems, Construction Management, Gun Control, Safety in the Water, etc.


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