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Mr. Harry smith
373, fifth Block Apartment, Chicago 25689
Cell: 223-343-2424
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Career objective :Gaining the position of a network architect in an organization where I can make effective use of my skills and abilities to meet the goals and objectives of the organization.

Summary of skills :

* Ability to configure any kind of network kit
* Capability to lead the team of engineers
* Good knowledge about the Microsoft back office products
* Good knowledge of designing a network of computer
* Profound knowledge of the concerned field
* Knowledge of Microsoft back office product i.e. IIS, ISA, SQL, MOM, or SMS
* Ability to provide the instructions required for the job
* Ability to apply latest technological knowledge to perform various tasks
* Good knowledge about various computer applications
* Good communication skills and ability to deal with the customers
* Capability to relate the applications with the business

Educational qualification
Successfully cpomplted Master’s degree in Computer Science,
Engineering form Chicago University, Chicago in the year 20XX
Successfully completed Bachelor’s degree in computer science,
Engineering form ABC College, Chicago in the year 20XX

Certification course provided by the CDA institute, Chicago in the year 20XX

Successfully accomplished the training program by XYZ institute, Chicago, in the year 20XX


* Best network architect award, ABC company, in the year 20XX
* Best network designer award CDA company, in the year 20XX ,

Experience Senior Network architect in DPM Company
Chicago, April 20XX to till date

* Installing various architect system of the organization
* Carrying out the system testing
* Leading the team of engineers and instructing them on application of various softwares
* Designing the software and installing them successfully
* Overseeing the softwares, hardware and other peripherals
* Consulting the team members on network designing and support
* Taking into considerations the requirements of the clients and supporting the requirements of the clients

Network architect in BBC Co. Inc.
Chicago, December 20XX to march 20XX

* Developing and creating the programs as well as providing the solutions to technical and logistical problems
* Developing, testing and identifying the new technologies
* Designing, implementing and testing information and technology security
* Working collaboratively with the team members and provide the solutions on various technical issues
* Identifying whether the requirements of the clients are met or not
* Giving the technical suggestion to the team members for the flawless work

Languages known
Proficient in English and French Language

Watching science related shows on discovery channel, playing piano and watching football matches


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