Sample Geologist Resume

Geologists work to know the past of our earth. Geologist study earth’s processes such as earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, earth’s materials such as oils, rocks, metals. And in earth’s history, they studied about the history climates of earth and how they have changed across time.

The duties and main responsibilities with other details are explained on this sample geologist resume. You can able to edit this sample resume as per your requirement.

Sam Robert,
The Main Street 56.
Meriden, CT 04737,
(562)562 6572.


Willing to do the job as a geologist in Major Corporation and apply all my skills and whole knowledge for the growth of the corporation.


  • Able to search and examining rocks, soil to find out geological characteristics.
  • Exceptional ability to study animal and plant fossils.
  • Huge knowledge of historical events and their causes.
  • Strong experience as geologist.
  • Good in English communication so no problem to handle any types of persons.
  • Uncommon knowledge of different techniques.
  • Excellent in computer practice.

Summary of Qualification:

  • MS Geology Chemistry (1999)
    Los Angeles University, CA
  • Bachelor of Science in Geosciences (1996)
    Bridgeport University, CT

Employment History:
Cousins Petroleum, Arkansas City, AR(2003 – Present)
Sr. Development Geologist

Scope of Responsibilities :

  • Collected data for research by applying different testing methods.
  • Applied software for the storing and easy understanding of geological data.
  • Created research paper by finding geological properties of different things.
  • Created geological maps, cross-sectional sketches.
  • Used charts, photographs and survey results for finding important characteristics.

Alps Inc., Stony Point, NY(2000 – 2003)

Scope of Responsibilities :

  • Investigated the work of art, structure, and the past of the Earth’s crust through the collected works.
  • Estimated and founded out credible oil, mineral ore, and natural gas deposits.
  • Tested soil, rock, and diamond in order to find out their geological characteristics.
  • Created records on analyzed and investigated geological, and geophysical information.


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