Business Bank Resume format

Your resume is a reflection your own experience as a banker. This can include job duties such as Bank Management, Proposal Development, Team Supervision, Loan Management, Customer Handling etc depending on whether you are a Manager, Assistant Manager or Clerk. Here are some tips to design a banker’s resume.

Do not miss to include the summary of your core competencies, strengths and quantifiable accomplishments. Your resume must show how you worked towards reducing the banking business while creating a fine structure for the clients. This sample resume can be helpful if you are applying for a job in the field of Banking.

Sample Business Bank Resume


Address Line 1

Address Line 2

Home: Landline Number

Mobile: Cell Number


Career Objective: A short and to the point statement explaining what your ambition is and what kind of job you are looking for.

Work Experience: Give a point wise account of what experiences you have had in the field of banking. It may include the projects you may have undertaken or maybe the account of a project where you served as a trainee.

Academic Qualifications: Under this tab, the employer requires to know what all degrees and certificates you have to your credit in the field of Banking works.

Skills: Skills generally include the various aspects in the construction field that you have mastered. For instance, Bank Management, Proposal Development, Team Supervision etc.

Interest and Hobbies: General account of your pass-times.

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